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Student WASC Survey Is Complete!

Over 1000 GHHS students took our survey. Click HERE to view the results!

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              PTSO Meeting

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     Financial Aid Workshop on January 6, 2015
             Did you miss this workshop? Click HERE for a copy of the presentation from that evening.


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  Birthday, Congratulations, and Other Signs

  Want to wish someone a happy birthday, congratulations, or other messages on our electronic sign? See Mr. Arnt for a form in A212. The price is $5 for one day, and $10 for a week, but we also have very reasonable monthly and yearly rates. Adding a photo costs $5 extra. Messages are limited to 10 words. Photos must be sent as a JPEG attachment. Contact Mr. Arnt at lance_arnt@avusd.org if you would like more information.

New Telephone Directory for 2014-2015

The new telephone directory for 2014-15 is available HERE.