Welcome to Granite Hills High School

Meet and Greet with Principal McCall

Mr. McCall would like to invite all families to have coffee and cookies (from the Cougar Bakery) at 8.45 a.m.on Thursday, October 30th. This is a great opportunity to meet Mr. McCall and to discuss school issues with him.

 PTSO Meeting

         Our next PTSO meeting will be held in the library conference room on Tuesday, October 28, at 2.15 pm. All are invited!
     Register to Vote!
          We encourage you to vote in the upcoming election. If you are not registered to vote, and      you are eligible to vote, you may complete an online voter registration 24 hours per day at  http://registertovote.ca.gov 

       Upcoming Meetings

     We are providing parent education classes. Click here to download a PDF  copy of the  flyer so that you can register by Oct 1.

      2nd Annual Cougar Exchange

The Cougar Exchange is designed to have students donate clean clothes that they are outgrown in exchange for students that a fellow student donated. We will be open all day until 3pm on November 21, 2014, which is the Friday before the Thanksgiving Break. All clothing not picked up by our students will be donated to the Phoenix Academy's Family Center and to Billy Mac's Christian Foundation. The Cougar Exchange is a great way to help our students, community and to have clean closets.

Clarification on GHHS Ending Times

 On early release Wednesdays, school ends at 12.34 pm. On MINIMUM days (final  exams) school ends at 11.47.

  Birthday, Congratulations, and Other Signs

  Want to wish someone a happy birthday, congratulations, or other messages on our electronic sign? See Mr. Arnt for a form in A212. The price is $5 for one day, and $10 for a week. Adding a photo costs $5 extra. Messages are limited to 10 words. Photos must be sent as a JPEG attachment. Contact Mr. Arnt at lance_arnt@avusd.org if you would like more information.

School Newspaper Is Now Online!

Our news school e-paper, The Granite Planet, is up and running at www.ghnews.org; check out news stories once we are in week #2 of school. The news site will deal with items that are not of permanent interest- like a dance or sporting event. The web site will have items, like the phone directory, which people need to access all year.

New Telephone Directory for 2014-2015

The new telephone directory for 2014-15 is available HERE.


Congratulations to Granite Hills' own