Welcome to Granite Hills High School

Please return textbooks to the library as soon as possible!

Check with your teacher to be certain that you are done with the book for the year. Returning books early really helps our library staff and other year-end procedures.

Yearbooks Are On Sale Now for $80. The book will sell out, and there are only 5 copies left for purchase.

You may only buy it from the ASB store. Distribution for seniors will begin on Thursday, May 12, at lunch from A108.

Google Classroom Pages for Each Grade

Use these codes to access your class/grade so that you get all the announcements and news specifically for your class!

 Name  Grade  Code
 Class of 2016  12  d4ym7c
 Class of 2017  11  zzpzmv
 Class of 2018  10  s4anlx
 Class of 2019  9  jelcjy

New Pride Line Number!

216 454 9834 is our new Pride Line number. This is a text-only number. Let us know what is happening. What's good? What needs to be improved? Is there a situation that you need to report to us? Do you have a good idea? All communications are kept confidential.

GHHS Is Named an AP Capstone School! 

Granite Hills is excited to announce that we have been selected to be an AP Capstone school- the only school in the entire desert. Students will have the opportunity to earn an AP Capstone diploma as a part of the process, which includes adding two new courses: AP Seminar for students in grades 10 and 11, and AP Research for students in grade 12. You may download the Program Brochure and the Student Brochure, and you can read more about the program at https://lp.collegeboard.org/ap-capstone

ASB Cards and All-sports Passes!

 The link that is HERE gives parents exciting news about a new sports pass that gives you entrance to every HOME game, all year.

Finally, HERE is the link which gives you details about why you should be purchasing an ASB card. 


Granite Hills News

 Looking for news about GHHS? Click HERE to go to our news page, the Granite Planet, at www.ghnews.org

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Birthday, Congratulations, and Other Signs

Want to wish someone a happy birthday, congratulations, or other messages on our electronic sign? See Mr. Arnt for a form in A212. The price is $5 for one day, and $10 for a week, but we also have very reasonable monthly and yearly rates. Adding a photo costs $5 extra. Messages are limited to 10 words. Photos must be sent as a JPEG attachment. Contact Mr. Arnt at lance_arnt@avusd.org if you would like more information.

New Telephone Directory for 2015-2016

The new telephone directory for 2015-2016 is available HERE.